Collection: Sigils for Liberation

Protection sigils for all freedom fighters, all proceeds to charity.  Sigils are based on the Ravens of Antimony created by a black warlock known as the Wolf of Antimony.  He describes the ravens as such:

The ravens of antimony have many different uses, and can greatly improve your magick, and witchcraft, if you choose to bring them into your practice. They can add energy to your spells, and rituals, or can simply go forth, and act out your will. In order to do this one may call upon the raven they request aid from, and declare their desire to that raven, so that they can help you achieve your goal. You can go through the process of invoking the ravens, and their energies  through their sigils, or their name. The sigils can be drawn in the air in order to summon forth the raven, so that it can manifest its energies, and the name can be spoken out loud in order to call it forth. The ravens can also be written upon stones, and used in divination, much like the runic divination system. They can be grafted together in many different ways to create sigils with varying intentions, and will also help to empower that sigil. It can be used in order to encode works of writing in order to hide away information from prying eyes. The Ravens of antimony can do all of this, and more if you choose to work with them in your practice.”

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