Why We Prefer the Term ‘Soul Care’ Over ‘Self-Care’

Part of the reason we like to use the term soul care is because it is meant to be inclusive.  The term was coined by The Nap Ministry, which aims to 'examine the liberating power of naps.  'Rest is a form of resistance and reparations.'

In describing the necessity for the term, the Nap Bishop states, "the term self-care is limiting and leaves out examining toxic systems that cause people burn out and stress. We all want to be well but when you have to work three part time jobs with no health insurance to pay rent, dodge police brutality and navigate patriarchy, it can be impossible to care for yourself alone. The self-care and wellness industry needs to be examined. We uplift soul care and community care.

Are the wellness and 'self care' leaders talking about the lack of living wages, criminal justice system, prison industrial complex, domestic violence and lack of affordable health care? If you are just screaming about relaxing and coming to expensive retreats and classes, then what are we really doing?... The current wellness industry is racist, ableist, and an extension of toxic capitalism." 

In an industry rife with cultural appropriation, white-washing, and spiritual bypassing, it’s no surprise that the post-modern wellness landscape we find ourselves in is almost completely bereft of inclusion.​  Hence, our unapologetic focus on educating, healing, and uplifting the people who are so often left out of the conversation around health & wellness.

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