What is Transcendental Beauty?

Transcendental Beauty sessions are meant to transport you to a feeling of completion.  They are a safe haven where you know a space for your healing will be held wide open.  

They begin with some light talk therapy, then transition into a reiki session and aura cleansing.  After reiki, the beauty service begins.  And finally we close out with a quick tarot pull and a gift of a small ritual jar for you to continue your meditations.

The service is designed to ritualize soul care.  It is based around a foundation of six core elements - release, breathe, cleanse, connect, enhance, transcend.

Transcendence comes at the nexus of belief, vision, and purpose all aligning for progress.  The spirit urges us to move through emotional growth.  The mind urges us to move through intellectual growth.  But how does the soul urge us to move forward?

Intuition.  Dreams.  That still small voice.  Your inner child.  Whatever you prefer to call it.  You already know it.  Grow your confidence and speak your truth!

Give yourself permission to Release all that is not serving you.  Breathe in the full expanse of support that the universe is offering you.  Cleanse your spirit of any doubt.  Connect to the divine within you that is conspiring for your highest good.  Relax into an Enhancement ritual that will leave you feeling not only beautiful but empowered.  Walk away knowing that you have achieved true Transcendence from whatever's been holding you back.

The Transcendental Beauty service is a 10-step chakra balancing experience that utilizes multiple metaphysically therapeutic techniques including candle magick, aromatherapy, sound therapy, light therapy, aura cleansing, & reiki.

The TB service is meant to be a large-scale offering as it generally takes about 3 hours to complete.  I recommend considering the service during a time of great transition, to aid in healing from trauma/grief, along with the change of season, or near a birthday.

With the essence of time in mind, we began developing shorter add-on services that would bring about a greater sense of peace in your day.  We center our coaching and listening therapy segments on examining our place within the systems that currently create oppression and the ways that we can better support our communities and ourselves to heal and adapt to the changes necessary to providing greater equity and access within our communities.   By healing ourselves, we heal everyone around us.

The first of our Soul Care Sessions under the umbrella of Transcendental Beauty, which can be quick add-on services or stand alone services, is called Coronation.  The Coronation service is centered on opening the pathway to greater clarity and discernment.  It is a ritual cleansing and charging ceremony meant to help you experience a rebirth of glow.

Coronation is an easy way to clear muddled energy around your crown and third eye chakras.  With a combination of cleaning the face, charging with crystal therapy, reiki, and sound therapy, you will leave rejuvenated and ready to reign supreme.

The next of our services is called The Oracle ceremony.  The Oracle service mends the connection between your etheric heart chakra and your throat chakra so that you may speak and react from the place of your sacred truth.  It aims to bring forth your inner soothsayer.

The ritual is meant to help you set healthy boundaries, bolster your confidence, as well as heightening your forgiveness and compassion.  It includes a guided meditation, chanting, positive visualization with reiki, and a banishing ceremony.

The next service is called Rapture.  Rapture is all about connecting you back to and exulting your body.  It is meant to carry you away from your current self image, cleanse, center, and return you to a view of your true self, your highest self.  The ceremony includes light yoga and dance, along with a guided meditation with reiki, and a candle ritual.

Our final service, Catharsis, is focused on healing the sacral and root chakras.  Catharsis heightens your divine sexuality, creativity, and pleasure receptors.  The order of service deepens your empathy and expands your capacity for intimacy.  The ritual includes steam therapy, talk/listening therapy, sound/body tuning, a foot bath, and crystal therapy. 

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