About Us

The Beauty Mage stands for a disruption of all things status quo— an Uno reverse card to the tenets of capitalism and supremacy that leave us feeling depleted, under-represented, and unable to achieve a basic level of mental and spiritual care. 

Our Pillars

▪️Education/Mental Health - Our initiative is to help educate the people in our growing community about some of the alternative spiritual modalities and rituals handed down by many of our ancestors that have been lost to us through the whitewashing of our heritage. 

▪️Clean Organic Products - Our product range uses the knowledge imparted over a lifetime of healing ourselves when western medicine failed us. We focus on organic ingredients made in small batches by local manufacturers. 

▪️Sustainability & Inclusion - We stand steadfast in making sure that we are equitable, inclusive, and fair-trade in every aspect possible.

Our Mission

The Beauty Mage’s mission is to unravel the craft of caring for self from the soul outward.  By creating mindful rituals around your daily soul care routines, we aid in reducing your stress and anxiety.  Using the divine direction of the universe, we formulate products, education, and events intended to remind your body of its natural healing powers.  Our 'whole beauty' treatments enhance and align the chakras along your entire body allowing you to face the world empowered, with your EYES WIDE open.

Our Impact

▪️Monthly Giveaways

Each month we will raffle off products to go to people in our expanding community. These giveaways will include kits, samples, and overstock.  Follow our social media for details.

▪️Community Therapy

Each month we allot a certain number of sessions to community members in need of mental health support. These can be listening sessions, reiki/healing sessions, or beauty sessions. Follow our socials for details.

▪️Sigils for Black Lives

Each month we donate the full proceeds from the sale of our sigils to causes that support the BIPoC community. We give special attention to organizations focused on mental health initiatives, rehabilitation programs, or supporting education initiatives for artists, healers, & activists. 

Our Mantra


In a 'whole-istic' approach to wellness

therapy for everyone, but especially for black & brown folx

In bolstering spiritual alignment through beauty treatments & soul care rituals

In the power of womxn supporting & investing in other womxn

In the importance of decolonizing the language, culture, & interpretation of indigenous spiritual practices

In the right to sovereignty of a full embodied self for every person

In removing the stigma of speaking freely about our bodies & our issues

In building community through social justice and grass roots activism

In dreaming bigger than our imaginations want to allow us space for

In our power to create positive change through the arts & traditional indigenous healing

That life is too short to be mediocre

That we are stronger together

We believe in you!


100% Black Queer Owned and Lead.  Proudly made in Los Angeles.